Torts: Negligence: Duty: 6 special duty scenarios: Duty to Act Affirmatively

Duty to act affirmatively: No rules here. There are no duties to act affirmatively. But there are some exceptions. There is no duty to rescue a person in peril. No matter how evil the Δ, there’s no duty to rescue. However, there is never an obligation to put your own life in peril. 2 exceptions:
  • Exception: If Δ caused the peril, then there’s a duty to rescue.
  • Exception: If there’s a preexisting relationship between Δ and person in peril.
    • Family relationship
    • Common carriers (passengers) and innkeepers (guests)
    • Landowner/invitee.
  • If Δ has no duty to rescue and chooses to rescue nonetheless, a gratuitous rescuer will be held liable if he or she messes up. If you choose to rescue, you must rescue like a RPP would rescue