Real Property: Future Interests

Future Interests Capable of Creation in the Grantor

  • Possibility of Reverter :: Fee Simple Determinable (FSDPOR)
  • Right of Entry (Power of Termination) :: Fee Simple Subject to Condition Subsequent
  • Reversion :: arises in a grantor who transfers an estate of lesser quantum than she started with, other than a fee simple determinable, or a fee simple subject to condition subsequent.

Future Interests in Transferees:

If future interest is held by someone other than grantor, it must be:

  • vested remainder
    • indefeasibly vested remainder
    • vested remainder subject to complete defeasance (vested remainder subject to total divestment)
    • vested remainder subject to open
  • contingent remainder
  • executory interest
    • shifting executory interest
    • springing executory interest